Production Has Begun

Indocan's grinder/shredder arrived on Thursday, November 8 and is already in use producing multiple products for sale as well as plant byproduct for oil extraction.

In addition, the company has purchased an Ultrasonic CBD extractor which should arrive and be in use by the end of November. This machine will be used to extract essential oils from hemp and herbs grown by the company and herbs purchased from other companies.

The company will also lease the extractor to its strategic partner, Great Lakes Hemp, LLC. one of the largest growers of hemp in southern Wisconsin. It will be used both for its own product and for processing material for other area growers.

Letter of Intent

Indocan has signed a Letter of Intent with Great Lakes Hemp, Inc., one of the largest hemp growers in southern Wisconsin, to be a strategic partner; providing canabanoid products and services focused on various extraction technologies, distillation, canabanoid isolation and purification. Indocan has purchased a grinder/shredder to enable the production of a uniform shredded product for the smoking/vape market. This machine will also be used in the preparation of herbs for extraction.

CBD Test Results

Due to positive potency test results, Indocan's hemp plant byproduct will be extracted for oil.

The plant buds will be offered for sale on the website in the near future.


Indocan Resources, Inc. announces its first product sale. The revenue stream has begun. . .

Commerce Certificate

Indocan Resources, Inc. has received a "Fit For Commerce Certificate" from the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture on its harvested hemp crop. Potency test results were extremely positive. An independent test agency reported that Indocan's hemp tested among the highest CBD levels in southern Wisconsin. 

Hemp in Drying Shed at Indocan Farm in Palmyra, WI 10/24/18

Potency Test Pending

Hemp Harvest at Indocan Farm in Palmyra, WI 10/19/18


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